The 1816 Plantation Home

Monday, November 22, 2010

maygirl etsy shop

I am working day and night to create items to sell on my new etsy shop. I have the shop banner completed and now to finish a few Christmas items to list for sale. It will be fun to have a little shop
of my own to sell through. I am working with most of my supplies still in boxes, so it will take a bit of extra effort to accomplish a few things.

We are still working on securing a piece of property here in Atlanta. Hopefully things will transpire soon. In the meantime.....I plan to create and sell through etsy. Love to hear about anyone's experience with it all!

Have a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Creating and Finding

I am finding that my intention of keeping things in boxes isn't the easist to do after all. It is so time consuming to have to open and look through taped boxes when I need one or two things for creating. It requires a knife to open and tape to shut them again, plus a lot of minutes to look through each one. Oh my, this is truly getting old very quickly! Ah well, this too shall pass.
I am working on pieces to put on my new *MAYGIRL* etsy store. I still can't say that I know what I am doing, but it is kind of fun figuring it all out.

I will post when I finally get some works on MAYGIRL. It will be interesting to see how it all goes! It will call for a glass of champagne when I make my first on-line sale. Gosh, that will be something!

Back to work for me, the night is passing quickly!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My new, new old blog

I have opened a shop on Etsy and the shop name is maygirl...I found I wasn't savvy enough to realize this one day may happen. Needless to say, I am trying to consolidate myself. I think my lack of abilities with using the computer, has me all over the world wide map! that this is a "new" can find me here from now on. I had to delete my prior blogs.
Welcome to the new "me" Stacy French Folk Art & Primitives & my maygirl etsy shop. I don't have things listed yet, but shortly I will. I will post a message for anyone who would like to visit!

You are welcome to follow and connect to my "New" me blog!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finding a home

In my searching for an old home in the Atlanta area, I came upon a home in Madison Georgia. It took my breath away! It was built in 1816 and has recently been renovated. So, yesterday we drove about an hour east of Atlanta to the home.

We exited the expressway and drove 10 miles on Davis Academy. Just when we thought we had gone the wrong way, there on the left stood this beautiful old home.
It sits on nearly 8 acres of land and was featured in the book, Madison, A Classic Southern Town.
It has paneled walls and ceilings and 5 masonry fireplaces. The picture cannot capture the glory of this home! I can't say my husband would live so far from Atlanta, but I did find my heart there!

Friday, October 8, 2010

my blogspot

I am promising myself to write on this blog frequently...gosh it is hard to figure out a name for it with so many ladies named Stacy,
it is
I would love to link up with everyone!

now to figure out etsy!

Finding Home in Atlanta Georgia

Two months have nearly passed since first I arrived in Atlanta. It has been an adjustment for just about everyone. Our rental home is temporary and we are looking for property to build upon. I have grand plans to include an art studio on the first floor with loads of sunlight and storage.
I think homes in the future will have two offices, instead of a library/study for him and just a desk in the kitchen, for her.

I want to build a home with an updated simplicity, reminiscent of very old architecture.

I have a fabulous architect in mind, his name is
D. Stanley Dixon. His attention to detail and his
past creations and re-dos, has made him my top choice.

Building can be a stressful thing, but having built homes so many times before, I am definitely up to the task! It will be exciting and fun!

Today has been a beautiful day here and there a more lovely days to come. It is so much warmer than Michigan...that is something I can definitely become used to!

Monday, February 8, 2010


February is passing quickly and spring will soon be here. I am busy planning this year's garden and busy creating a mixed media collage. I tried painting with acrylic and became a little frustrated with it...then I changed to water-soluable oil paint. I plan to use encaustic for the collage with oil paint. It's all new to me and I hope it goes well. Beeswax is forgiving and should I place something not quite right, I can easily re-do it. I will have to upload a photo when I'm done!
As far as the garden, I am busy ordering my grow bags...they're the greatest thing invented for gardens in a long time! Potatoes do very well in them, and there is no harvesting by digging. You simply dump the soil and out come the taters! I really had a great harvest last year!
This time I will plant sooner!
Well, time to get back to work.