The 1816 Plantation Home

Friday, October 8, 2010

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Finding Home in Atlanta Georgia

Two months have nearly passed since first I arrived in Atlanta. It has been an adjustment for just about everyone. Our rental home is temporary and we are looking for property to build upon. I have grand plans to include an art studio on the first floor with loads of sunlight and storage.
I think homes in the future will have two offices, instead of a library/study for him and just a desk in the kitchen, for her.

I want to build a home with an updated simplicity, reminiscent of very old architecture.

I have a fabulous architect in mind, his name is
D. Stanley Dixon. His attention to detail and his
past creations and re-dos, has made him my top choice.

Building can be a stressful thing, but having built homes so many times before, I am definitely up to the task! It will be exciting and fun!

Today has been a beautiful day here and there a more lovely days to come. It is so much warmer than Michigan...that is something I can definitely become used to!