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Monday, November 22, 2010

maygirl etsy shop

I am working day and night to create items to sell on my new etsy shop. I have the shop banner completed and now to finish a few Christmas items to list for sale. It will be fun to have a little shop
of my own to sell through. I am working with most of my supplies still in boxes, so it will take a bit of extra effort to accomplish a few things.

We are still working on securing a piece of property here in Atlanta. Hopefully things will transpire soon. In the meantime.....I plan to create and sell through etsy. Love to hear about anyone's experience with it all!

Have a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving.


  1. Hi Stacy! I have a Santa that you made (someone gave it to me last year) and I LOVE it...I was hoping to purchase another one to add to my one and then from there start a collection! Do you have any of your work online anywhere? I tried the but couldnt get it to pull up. I see you are working on an etsy site and I can wait for you to get that going if you prefer. Also, as I got mine as a gift last year, how much does your stuff typically run? Feel free to email me at


  2. When will you post your Etsy address?

    I keep two of your creations on display all year round,.